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January 23, 2016 1

After yet another frustrating session debating with people making dumb accusations about Dorje Shugden practitioners, I was inspired to start up this new series of blog posts.

Why? When I read the kind of stuff they come up with, the kind of wild accusations they direct at us over and over again, my automatic response is always, “Ummm, how about…no?” (hence the title of this category!)


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It confuses me, stumps me, flummoxes me how anyone in their right mind can make such accusations. There is just no logic whatsoever and I would be so, so embarrassed to be associated with a thought process like that. That is not to say mine’s any better but daaaaamn son! Everyone knows 2 plus 2 always equals 4, and never 20!

What they have to understand about Shugdenpas, and especially Tsem Rinpoche‘s students, is that we will NOT shut up about the ban until it is lifted. We will not stop talking about it, we will not stop making our polite requests to His Holiness to lift it. The more you come at us, the more things you have to say about all Shugdenpas, the more we will fight back with logic and the truth. Am I obsessed? Maybe but you know what? If I am not speaking up for this, I am going to be speaking up for something else so you can try to shut me up, but you will not get very far :)

Lifting the ban is in everyone’s interests; it is in the interest of unifying the Tibetan communities, in healing the rift in the Buddhist community, in allowing us to move forward so we can stop spending energy on defending Dorje Shugden, and start expending energy on promoting all of the other aspects of Je Tsongkhapa’s great tradition (including Dorje Shugden of course, hehehe).

Your Holiness the Dalai Lama, please, please lift the ban on Dorje Shugden now.

For more frequently asked questions about the Dorje Shugden conflict, please read To Sum It Up on Rinpoche’s blog.


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  1. gary foo 6 years ago   Reply

    Thanks Pastor Jean Ai, in this article you really hit the nail on its head. We cant progress much as long the ban is there and yes energies are now focused on defense and lifting of ban instead of promotional energies on the Great Je Tsongkapa tradition. i suppose this is the period of raising awareness and education of public why this ban should be lifted and how some people within the Tibetan community itself are living in fear just because they wish to practice Shugden.

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