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If you're not giving now, you won't give when you're rich

March 29, 2015 0

I’m fortunate enough to have a group of friends with widely-varying interests. So my social media feeds are always full of interesting stuff related to human issues (like this video about how we take our ability to see colour for granted). From time to time, I also receive interesting information from the email chains I am on. I like people who post or send me stuff that goes beyond the usual travelogue or dining experience documentation…meals are beautiful to look at, they’re delicious and yes, I AM envious you are sitting in a beautiful restaurant eating good food (mission accomplished!) but dude – I get nothing out of your photos other than an insatiable craving to have what you’re having, that can be never satisfied because I can’t get to the same place!

Anyway, I got this video today from someone who is always sending me stuff. Whether it is a Tibetan text she found, or a thoughtful video, or a meme she found interesting, I love that she loves to share. The best part of this video is its educational intent and non-exploitative nature. I’ve seen many other similar videos in the past and always hesitated to post them because it almost felt like the people were taking advantage of the homeless by pranking them to up their views.

Enough talking, please watch the video. It will open your eyes to your capacity to Give.

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