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Dong Bei Restaurant @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah

June 17, 2013 0

We brought my dad here yesterday for his Father’s Day dinner (although mid-way through, when Jean Mei joked that it was his birthday, dad looked genuinely confused and wondered if it really was). It had originally been Rinpoche’s idea some weeks ago to introduce my dad to this place. We knew he’d enjoy it because underneath the shirts and jeans, dad’s still a China boy at heart…and if it’s not his diet that gives it away, it’ll be his lifelong loyalty to Mercedes-Benz cars 😉

This place serves excellent, excellent food. Most of the Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are of the Cantonese / Hakka / Teochew persuasion, so to find something different is refreshing. To find something authentically Chinese is even better – the proprietors of this restaurant import some of their more delicious items (tofu sheets, wood ear fungus) straight from the Dongbei (formerly known as Manchuria) region itself.

Having been introduced to the restaurant by a Dongbei native, Rinpoche and our group frequent this restaurant a lot. It’s good home-cooking, served in a restaurant that wouldn’t look out of place in rural China. What do we order? The same thing every time we go – wood ear fungus, aubergine fried with potato and chilli, potato shreds with vinegar and chilli oil, tofu sheets fried with two kinds of chilli, mah po tofu, vegetable salad wrap, steamed egg (with salted egg and century egg), and sometimes even the tofu salad with cucumbers, coriander, garlic and chilli oil.

…and the best bit? You mean aside from the ridiculously fresh vegetables (which leads me to suspect they have a farm out back) and the lurvely fluffy white rice made justthewayIlikeit? Everything is vegetarian because the owners are extremely accommodating :)

Seeeeeee? Vegetarians CAN eat well too!

Contact Details:
No. 280, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
(Down the road from Shaw Parade)
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[T] +603 2148 7694

Business Hours:
12pm to 12am

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