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To infinity, and beyond!

August 31, 2011 0

vajrayogini “All the qualities of the Buddhas of the ten directions and three times (past, present, and future) are embodied in Vajra Yogini. So these 8 Praises praise all the Buddhas simultaneously through Vajra Yogini. In reality every Buddha embodies the qualities of all Buddhas in existence. So every Buddha is a complete and perfect object of refuge and worship. If you adopt any Buddha as your practice, this Buddha will totally embody every quality of every Buddha in existence. It’s just during degenerate times, when practice becomes harder for us due to ‘lack’ of time, more activities to waste our energies on, more distractions to sway us, more delusions we allow to arise to cope with, Vajra Yogini manifested to directly counter this… Vajra Yogini is not better than any other Buddha nor does She have more qualities than any Buddha. It’s just during degenerate times She specifically manifested to counter the inner obstacles we create for ourselves prompted by the outer environments we choose to habitat. For example, if you are in Thailand and your mother is in Thailand and you need help, but your Dad’s in Alaska… If you called both of them for help, they both can equally help you, but your mom can do it faster only because of proximity. Similarly all the Buddhas have the power to help us, but because Vajra Yogini’s practice/tantra/methods are specifically for degenerate times, She is faster as She is ‘closer’ to us… that is just a rough example.”

To infinity, and beyond!

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